Raves - What's Being Said?

Something that has come as a complete surprise is HOW ENJOYABLE the reactions of those who have tried Caldera Cuveé have been!  Can't get enough just barely comes close...

A smattering of comments from both consumers and retail partners selling the wine:

  • "If you want the Caymus, Opus or Silver Oak of the Central Coast, try Caldera Cuveé - this is the best meritage you'll find..." says Dennis from the local wine shop and restaurant, Madeline's.
  • "I opened a bottle tonight and it is marvelous; actually changed my mood!" from Ron in Dallas.  [One presumes the mood change was an improvement and not the other way around?!]
  • "This is really good juice, Sammy!" from Shaun in Spokane.
  • One of the local wine bloggers who stumbled across Caldera blew everyone away with this post, "...This is the best wine I have tasted this year--one of the top 1 or 2 of the past SEVERAL years--and one of those rare situations where words can not express the absolute MAGIC this wine delivers."  [Thank you, Stephen!]
  • "...I know you'll be shocked to hear that I drink a fair amount of wine and this is as good as any I have the pleasure of enjoying."  This from an old fraternity brother, Bob, who I have not seen in ages.
  • "We had the entire family over last night for Sunday night dinner...salmon grilled w/ asparagus, cheese grits and a nice salad. We cracked open 4 bottles of Caldera Cuvee...1 hour ahead of time to breath. Incredible results and don't be surprised if you get a few orders this week. It was preferred over Silver Oak/Alexander Valley and Heitz...nice going Sammymyman!!! Caldera Cuvee was NICE last night!!!!!!!"  [Those are Steve's exclamation points, not mine, I swear.]

  • And, Tony Lima from California Wine Fan after his first encounter with the 2010, "...best newcomer."   Check it out HERE.

  • From the LA Times this coverage about Paso and the Garagiste Festival HERE.

So, what are YOU waiting for, go to the order page and find out for yourself, why don't you?!