Doctor's Orders ~ Drink This Wine!

Caldera Cuveé is a blended artisanal red wine made the old-fashioned way.

It is a natural, organic California red made by someone with only one goal - if no one ever buys it, am I prepared to drink it all?  The resounding answer is, "You Bet!"

The differentiators are many and make for a compelling story.  This one-of-a-kind provenance yields one-of-a-kind taste and benefits for YOU!

In no particular order – all important and when combined, truly unique:

  • Original 30 year-old vitis-vinifera vines.  No rootstock or clones or grafting anywhere.  (I cannot tell you how RARE this is!)
  • Leading to measurably more natural nutrients flowing from soil to grapes.  Nutrients = Flavor.  Better “plumbing” = greater resistance to disease and pests.  HUGE.  It can be proven!
  • The hillsides grapevines love.  Come see for yourself!
  • L-o-n-g growing seasons.  Ahhhhhh!
  • Huge daily temperature swings.
  • Soils rich with nutrients.
  • And, the true wonder-soil, calcium-montmorillonite.
  • 11’ spacing between the rows.
  • Neutral oak - all you taste is the wine!  Don't get me started about barrel toasting and how that impacts taste.
  • Natural from start-to-finish, including a straw-bale winery.  Nature’s yeast!
  • All leading to great taste - many claiming the best they have ever tasted!

There's a very limited amount of the '09 available and even though production almost tripled, the '10 is  selling briskly, too.  In both vintages, the Cabernet dominates and is seductively supported by Merlot and Cabernet Franc.  Get it while you can - when word gets around, it will be gone!