• No matter what, our goal at Caldera Cuveé is to provide superb wine from one of the few truly premium wine regions.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied we’ll do just about anything to remedy that situation, so just let us know what we can do to earn that satisfaction. So, be careful what you ask for!
  • All orders of a case or more will earn a 15% discount and automatically be placed on our HOT list giving you guaranteed allocation as future vintages become available.
  • If you've gotten this far (thank you!) it suggests you have actually ordered - with the name Caldera, the closure will understandably be black wax and the best way to remove that is by inserting a corkscrew directly through it and removing the cork normally.  Do NOT worry/try to cut off or remove the wax in advance - w-a-y too difficult and we want you to enjoy the wine easily, soon and often!!