Raves - What's Being Said?

Something that has come as a complete surprise is HOW ENJOYABLE the reactions of those who have tried Caldera Cuveé have been!  Can't get enough just barely comes close...

A smattering of comments from both consumers and retail partners selling the wine:

  • "If you want the Caymus, Opus or Silver Oak of the Central Coast, try Caldera Cuveé - this is the best meritage you'll find..." says Dennis from the local wine shop and restaurant, Madeline's.
  • "I opened a bottle tonight and it is marvelous; actually changed my mood!" from Ron in Dallas.  [One presumes the mood change was an improvement and not the other way around?!]
  • "This is really good juice, Sammy!" from Shaun in Spokane.
  • One of the local wine bloggers who stumbled across Caldera blew everyone away with this post, "...This is the best wine I have tasted this year--one of the top 1 or 2 of the past SEVERAL years--and one of those rare situations where words can not express the absolute MAGIC this wine delivers."  [Thank you, Stephen!]
  • "...I know you'll be shocked to hear that I drink a fair amount of wine and this is as good as any I have the pleasure of enjoying."  This from an old fraternity brother, Bob, who I have not seen in ages.
  • "We had the entire family over last night for Sunday night dinner...salmon grilled w/ asparagus, cheese grits and a nice salad. We cracked open 4 bottles of Caldera Cuvee...1 hour ahead of time to breath. Incredible results and don't be surprised if you get a few orders this week. It was preferred over Silver Oak/Alexander Valley and Heitz...nice going Sammymyman!!! Caldera Cuvee was NICE last night!!!!!!!"  [Those are Steve's exclamation points, not mine, I swear.]

  • And, Tony Lima from California Wine Fan after his first encounter with the 2010, "...best newcomer."   Check it out HERE.

  • Here's a fun look at our last bottling - this short clip is worth a look:  VIEW.

So, what are YOU waiting for, go to the order page and find out for yourself, why don't you?!