Doctor's Orders ~ Drink This Wine!

Caldera Cuveé is a blended artisanal red wine made the old-fashioned way.

It is a natural, organic California red made by someone with only one goal - if no one ever buys it, am I prepared to drink it all?  The resounding answer is, "You Bet!"

The differentiators notable and very real - no wine can equal these qualities - they translate into limited production with only occasional production and in very limited quantities>

Consider – all important and when combined, truly unique:

  • Original 30-year-old vitis-vinifera vines.  No rootstock or clones or grafting anywhere.  In researching this, the conclusion I come to is this - approximately 1/10 of one percent of the 3,000,000 acres in the U.S. under vine can make this assertion
  • Leading to measurably more natural nutrients flowing from soil to grapes.  Nutrients = Flavor.  Better “plumbing” = greater resistance to disease and pests.  HUGE.  It can be proven!
  • The hillside grapevines love.  Come see for yourself!
  • L-o-n-g growing seasons.  Ahhhhhh!
  • Huge daily temperature swings - as much as 50 degrees
  • Soils rich with nutrients.
  • And, the true wonder-soil, calcium-montmorillonite.
  • 11’ spacing between the rows.
  • Neutral oak - all you taste is the wine!  Don't get me started about barrel toasting and how that impacts the taste.
  • Natural from start-to-finish, including a straw-bale winery.  Nature’s yeast!
  • All leading to great taste - many claiming the best they have ever tasted!

The 2020 wine is now available for discerning palates!